Zenbox increases productivity with actionable tasks

ITWorx DoZen aggregates your important actions from all your apps in one place so you don’t have to. It enables you to prioritize your tasks and action them directly from a single unified interface so you don’t have to switch between multiple apps to do your day to day work.

Plan your work day

DoZen automatically finds actionable tasks from email through Microsoft Graph and adds them to Zenbox. App tasks like expense report approval can be pushed directly to Zenbox, or added manually in DoZen.

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Effortlessly group and prioritize tasks in your Zenbox

DoZen allows employees to easily sort and prioritize tasks in their Zenbox by dragging task tiles from one location to another. DoZen’s Omni-channel experience helps employees get work done faster with notifications across all channels.

Get it done directly from Zenbox

Actionable tasks can be completed directly from Zenbox. Expense report approval tasks display the relevant action buttons like approve or reject, and can be actioned and marked as complete with one tap.


Virtual agent gets it done in a snap

Powered by Sitecore Cortex and Microsoft AI, DoZen’s virtual agent allows interaction in natural dialogue with different services like HR, Procurement, and IT, and works as a personal assistant over Microsoft teams and DoZen’s mobile application.

Get it done everywhere

From on-the-go sales teams to remote field workers on a factory floor, DoZen empowers everyone. With native applications for iOS and Android, a chatbot, as well as from within Microsoft Teams allowing employees to do their work anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

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Drive engagement with personalized content

– Aggregated content
– Important notifications
– People & documents

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Increase productivity with smarter tasks

– Add tasks
– Prioritize tasks
– Action tasks

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App journeys get work done faster and smarter

– Apps & journeys
– Moments that matter
– Omni-channel

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Live enterprise wide insights and analytics

– Engagement metrics
– Path analyzer
– Channel analysis

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