Engagement Value Metrics

We know there’s a difference between participation and successful engagement. Easily differentiate the two, and identify patterns and trends in employee data collected from your intranet and comms campaigns. With our engagement insights, you can assign value to specific actions and behaviors, measuring your impact with real-time metrics to capture and control data that will give you an end to end picture of employee interactions. We use a variety of methods to test content, ranging from A/B and multivariate tests to specific page components, emails, push notifications, and personalization--all while keeping costs low and controlling for privacy.

DoZen Engagement Value Metrics

Path Analyzer

View the most frequently traveled paths through your digital workplace and study how employees interact with your content on a large scale. Create new Path Analyzer maps to track different employee experiences as they interact with campaigns and digital assets, understanding all the ways they’re triggering goals and outcomes. Maps can even analyze specific employee experience within your digital workplace, including onboarding, journeys, as well as specific locations and segments. This means you’ll get much deeper insight into how varying types of employees are interacting with your content. Our Path Analyzer shows you traffic patterns, overall engagement value, and engagement value per visit, enabling you to gain insight into what’s working and what could work better.

DoZen Path Analyzer

Unified Analytics

Our analytics dashboards and reports allow you to identify patterns and trends in employee engagement, using data collected from both the DoZen platform as well as external data solutions and connected HR systems. We offer a variety of methods to test content and communication efforts including pages, email, component, and personalization tests. Gain quick understanding of patterns and trends in employee engagement analytics, and get even deeper with different filters and views. Explore data by device type, communications channel, specific employee criteria, and behavior, allowing you to get as much detail as possible. Compare metrics like page and email views, content and journey interactions, conversion rates, and engagement values, and easily filter by date range, pages, and communities.

DoZen Unified Analytics


Use our reports and intuitive dashboards to analyze optimization data, understand engagement trends, and drive retention with turnover-reducing purpose-built tools. Go even further and analyze the performance of your comms activities and digital workplace allowing you to better understand how they’re impacting employee engagement. We allow you to create and configure custom reports, giving you increased perspective on the data you need to refine and optimize, comparing your content and campaign activities.

DoZen Reporting