Unified Business Tools

It’s easy to work smarter with our Unified Business Tool Experience. Through seamlessly integrated apps, employees will easily complete common tasks through one-stop access to enterprise systems like Oracle HCM, ServiceNow, SAP, PeopleSoft/HR portals, SignIt, Concur, Office 365, and timesheets. Self-Service and quick action widgets enable employees to access and submit completed tasks, as well as the ability to work most efficiently wherever is most convenient, from desktop to web to our native mobile app.

DoZen Unified Business Tools

Migration Tools

Our readily-available SharePoint migration tool allows you to easily migrate content from existing intranets. We sync employee profile data from existing HR systems, giving you a 360 degree view of your organization, and providing employees with a personalized experience right from the start.

DoZen Migration Tools

Profile Integrations

We feature readily available connectors for data ingestion from existing HR systems like PeopleSoft, Oracle HCM, Workday, etc. and include tools for employee attribute management, as well as segmentation and groupings.

DoZen Profile Integrations


Powerful extension framework and plugin architecture makes it easy to integrate the platform into your organization’s current apps. Easily sync tasks from other systems and even build your own apps using our developer toolkit. Reach your entire workforce to ensure alignment and simplify your technological investment adoption with step-by-step tailored and automated communications.

DoZen Extensibility

People Directory

Increase collaboration across projects, teams, departments, and regions through our dynamic and searchable people directory and org charts. We connect to your AD and HR systems, aggregating and updating employee profile information in real time, meaning content is more tailored than ever to individual employees. Share talent and knowledge with the ability to search employee org charts and profiles, learn about their colleagues, discover subject matter experts, and even get in touch.

DoZen People Directory