Experience Management

Easily manage and personalize the spectrum of content across all channels, allowing you to connect the dots between content and employee behavior. With omni-channel broadcasting, we make it easy to reach your entire organization through web, desktop, mobile, MS Teams, and push notifications. Our intuitive WYSIWYG page editor allows you to edit and preview content changes in a way that resembles its front-end appearance with easy editing, personalization, and multivariate testing capabilities.

DoZen Experience Management

Targeted Broadcasting & Push Notifications

Create and manage internal campaigns from one convenient location as well as automate updates across your organization’s entire communications stack. We make it simple to get started with intuitive, ready-made templates plus the ability to drag and drop communication actions and items into targeted nurture campaigns. This means you can use us to leverage all of your employee data, basically eliminating any manual efforts. Robust campaign tracking and analytics reporting will give you deeper insight into employee engagement, allowing you to continuously refine campaigns and personalize content.

DoZen Targeted Broadcasting & Push Notifications

Automated Marketing

Our targeted broadcasting abilities and powerful push notifications will enhance your internal comms efforts, allowing you to reach new levels of employee engagement. Deliver content directly to employees from your digital workplace as well as other connected systems. Send critical news and updates to your entire organization quickly and efficiently in their preferred language and media through push notifications, email, and intranet updates on any device. Notifications can be scheduled as well as a component of a nurture campaign.

Create a relevant digital experience personalized to each employee, particularly useful for geographically dispersed organizations that present information in multiple languages. Target using demographic-related data like location, role or business unit, and behavioral insight gathered from platform interactions. All of our targeted data updates continuously, which means that your organization can define who gets push notifications based on specific needs and business goals.

DoZen Automated Marketing

Email Campaigns

Creating, scheduling, and deploying personalized email campaigns has never been easier with our ready-made email templates, giving you the ability to simply drag and drop content components and truly make it your own. Track email campaign success through intuitive analytic and multivariate tests that measure employee engagement and business goals.

DoZen Email Campaigns