Modern Intranet Platform

Our intranet platform is ready to go right out of the box with over 40 prebuilt intranet specific controls. giving you endless opportunity for need-based customization. It has more than 30 individually customizable features that work smarter just for you, giving endless opportunity to personalize your experience. Build your pages quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface.

DoZen Modern Intranet Platform


At DoZen, we are proud to be the only employee experience platform that actively matches relevant content to every employee in their preferred language and media. Personalize with precision and deliver an employee-first experience with content and tools uniquely organized for each individual. Invite engagement through content based on unique employee interests, usage, activity, and demographics.

DoZen Personalization

Enhanced Search

Meet our smart search feature that uses machine learning to individually serve relevant results based on related employee journeys, profiles, and activities. Search across systems, services, and resources, view trending searches, and get search suggestions all in one convenient place. You can even get insight into the most searched employee content, building awareness as to whether your employees are able to access the information they need.

DoZen Enhanced Search


Get instant, on-the-go access to important updates and personalized news through our mobile app, tailored to the needs and interests of your employees. Designed with deskless and frontline workers in mind, we provide a mobile experience that gives targeted access to resources and systems, allowing employees to quickly and efficiently find what they need.

DoZen Mobility

Subscription Management

Take everything a step further by empowering employees to further personalize their digital workplace experience through the ability to subscribe to chosen, relevant content on their individually preferred channels. This includes community pages, blogs, newsletters, and content topics. Subscription-based notifications mean that they’ll never miss an update, and the ability to like, share, and comment will further drive positive engagement experiences.

DoZen Subscription Managemen

Enterprise Social

Increase collaboration by sharing content and documents with colleagues directly on DoZen, as well as through two-way communication via page forums and MS Teams.

DoZen Enterprise Social

Unified Task Management

Our unified task list give employees one cohesive view of actionable items, aggregating tasks in real-time from third-party applications and allowing you to prioritize them in one place. Enable employees to complete common tasks and collaborate on documents and projects. With the ability to prioritize, group, and create multiple lists from multiple sources including personal action items, employees will be empowered to organize and achieve a work-life balance that suits their individual needs.

DoZen Unified Task Management