Automated Journeys

With many large companies swiftly adopting policies that will allow employees to work from home indefinitely, all experience, interactions, and moments that matter have been forced to take place in an entirely digital environment. Our automated marketing and omni-channel campaigns create journey-like experiences beginning from the onboarding process and continuing throughout the employee’s lifecycle. DoZen makes it easy to identify, implement, and track both employee journeys and strategic goals, supported by our intuitive analytics around engagement value, goal optimization, and conversion metrics.

DoZen Automated Journeys

Communities and ERGs

Provide a digital, dynamic space for employees to interact and come together around various topics, projects, and campaigns with features that allow them to interact virtually, subscribe to communities and ERGs, and receive push notifications. Create personalized community spaces including pages, tabbed and featured content, micro-sites, knowledge hubs, and interactive forums. Like, share, and comment features maximize engagement, and embedded forums encourage interaction and collaboration. Employees can keep up with the content most relevant to them with our Community and ERG subscription capabilities. User management, permission settings, and content controls make it easy to manage these spaces and target different employee groups as needed.

DoZen Communities and ERGs

Moments That Matter

Significant milestones in an employee’s life cycle that were once in-person have been forced to adapt to a completely digital environment, but at DoZen we believe there’s a way to make these moments matter just as effectively in a virtual world. Our automated marketing and omni-channel campaigns create unique, journey-like experiences around significant, individual moments.

Welcome and easily engage new team members through automatic onboarding communications and activities leading up to their first day on the job and beyond. Customize and personalize each employee’s journey based on role, department, location, and individual interests. We all know that the onboarding process continues long after the first day. With DoZen, you can continue to provide support through this crucial time and maintain employee momentum with strategic check-ins and communication.

From onboarding to new hire check-ins to becoming a parent, our Moments that Matter feature allows you to create automated step-by-step journeys around not just career events, but key life events as well. Help employees focus on what really matters by serving individualized content, tasks, and resources based on employee needs and milestones.

DoZen Moments That Matter