Zenflows dashboard modernizeswork app experiences

People expect work apps to be simple and straightforward, no different from everyday apps they’re accustomed to in their lives. Consumers and business users are expecting the same kinds of experiences, and for good reason, research from Forrester shows that every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return, along with the benefits of increased productivity and lower wasted time.

Legacy enterprise apps are known for a challenging user experience and interface, and require months of training to learn. ITWorx DoZen is designed to help employees enjoy a seamless and effortless digital experience with built-in connectors for everyday enterprise apps that allow employees to get work done faster from a single platform without juggling dozens of apps in endless browser windows.

Get everyday work tasks done faster, smarter, and automatically

Readymade and custom integrations to enterprise apps allow employees to save valuable time and do common work tasks faster directly from DoZen’s unified experience, examples include updating personal info on the HR system, approving expense reports, and submitting vacation requests. DoZen makes it seamless to complete entire business journeys by guiding employees through them without having them switch between different apps.

DoZen supports integration with the following apps

Show them you care with moments that matter

DoZen helps you focus on the moments that impact an employee’s organizational experience most through their work and life. DoZen Moments that Matter incorporates journeys, articles and policies to help employees understand how the organization can help in the moments that matter most to them. Examples of journeys you can create for moments include wedding, promotion, vacation, new baby

Instantly find anyone in your company anywhere they are

Connect everyone with a quick and easy people directory that’s accessible from everywhere. Help employees search for and find someone by name, job role, department, office, or business unit, make new friends, or find coworkers who share similar interests.

Immerse team members in your corporateculture with powerful personal profiles

An excellent ice breaker for newcomers, DoZen allows employees to build unique personal profiles so they can be easily found by everyone. Take the time to populate your interests, be found by likeminded coworkers with similar interests, break the ice, and make new friends faster.


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Drive engagement with personalized content

– Aggregated content
– Important notifications
– People & documents

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Increase productivity with smarter tasks

– Add tasks
– Prioritize tasks
– Action tasks

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App journeys get work done faster and smarter

– Apps & journeys
– Moments that matter
– Omni-channel

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Live enterprise wide insights and analytics

– Engagement metrics
– Path analyzer
– Channel analysis

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