Resume business. Stay safe.

DoZen’s corporate solution for keeping employees safe by managing COVID-19-related workflows privately and securely.

PROACTIVE MONITORING Securely monitor the health of employees.
360 DEGREE ANALYSIS Keep track of your work environment and safety measures.
INTELLIGENT ALERTING Alert employees of potential exposure by location.
REASSURE EMPLOYEES Provide your team with the resources they need to feel safe.
IDENTIFY RISK Know the risk levels in your workplace settings so you can act accordingly.
DAILY SYMPTOM SCREENING Ensure company-wide safety through daily employee symptom screenings.
INTERACTION TRACKING Track potential exposure between employees manually and automatically.
GET NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY Get exposure alerts and recommended actions to take.

Instant private cloud-deployment and high customizability.

Respond to the most current urgent needs with future-proof solutions.

Powered by best-in-class software. Integrates seamlessly with existing applications.

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