Meet your Digital Workplace

Personalized and curated for every individual employee

Our unique digital workplace is made up of curated, interactive content that is personalized to every individual employee, increasing engagement by giving them the opportunity to like, comment, and share. Omni-channel broadcasting capabilities, our native mobile app, and powerful push notifications mean that you can reach your employees more effectively in the office, at home, and on the front lines. Our smart search feature presents the most relevant information as well as understanding employee search objectives, and our advanced people search will increase collaboration and allow you to easily get in touch. Unify and complete tasks from one, actionable location, empowering employees to work smarter and increase productivity.

  • Personalized Intranet
  • Employee Hub
  • Enterprise Search
  • Mobile App
  • Enterprise Social
  • Surveys and Polls
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DoZen Digital Workplace

Meet your Employee Experience Platform

A people-first environment both on and off the clock

Bring employee experience to life and foster well-being through guided and individualized journeys through personal and professional moments that matter, from onboarding through all aspects of the employee lifecycle, both at work and at home. Through communities, employee pulse, people search, and gamification we enable you to truly create a people-first culture, and empower employees to create the work-life balance that’s best for them.

  • Onboarding
  • Moments that Matter
  • Communities
  • Employee Pulse
  • Gamification
  • People Search
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DoZen Employee Experience Platform

Meet your Communications Tool

Seamlessly integrated and effortlessly engaging

Enhance employee engagement and simplify workflow through our intuitive, single user interface, robust personalization capabilities, omni-channel targeted broadcasting, email and nurture campaigns, and in-depth analytics and insights. These core tools come together to provide a seamlessly integrated, employee-centric ecosystem ready to meet the needs of new workers in the new normal.

  • Intuitive CMS
  • Content Broadcasting
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics and Insights
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DoZen Communications Tool

Meet your Self-Service Unification

Inspiring employees to work both smarter and harder

Enable employees to work from one unified and personalized platform that aggregates tasks in real-time from third party applications and lets you prioritize them in one place.

  • Consolidated Tasks
  • Workflows
  • Quick Apps
  • App Integration
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DoZen Self-Service Unification