Seamlessly integrated and effortlessly engaging

Simplify workflow and optimize communication through targeted campaigns and personalized content publishing, all from the comfort of one intuitive CMS that allows you to strategically measure engagement as well as reach employees on their preferred channels.

Our communications tool features personalized content, targeted broadcasting, omni-channel campaigns, and keen insights, all of which are more essential than ever in this new era of remote work. Improve engagement and information circulation, through the distribution of targeted, relevant, and valuable content to your team and throughout your organization. Insights, analytics and testing as well as both nurture and automated campaigns are served on an intuitive and easily customizable platform, giving you confidence and control.

Intuitive CMS

Imagine a single-user interface for email, content management, and nurture campaigns. Simplify your workflow and optimize employee efforts through targeted campaigns and personalized content from our intuitive content management system, allowing you to reach your employees in a way that is both personalized and meaningful within their preferred channels.

DoZen Intuitive CMS

Content Broadcasting

Enhance your internal communication efforts and keep employees engaged through our push notifications and targeted broadcasting capabilities. Send messages from your digital workspace directly to any employee device using our multilingual capabilities, so that nothing is lost in translation. You can target demographic data based on location, role, or business unit as well as behavioral data drawn from platform interactions, enabling you to send mass communication in a highly personal way.

DoZen Content Broadcasting

Nurture Campaigns

Say goodbye to fragmented conversations. Instead, create targeted and relevant communications that leverage all of your employee profile data while reducing manual efforts required by utilizing our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Incorporate emails, surveys, and push notifications into your communication activities, and track campaigns through intuitive analytics and multivariate tests, enabling you to personalize content and see campaign success.

DoZen Nurture Campaigns

Email Marketing

Creating, scheduling, and deploying personalized email campaigns has never been easier with our ready-made email templates, giving you the ability to simply drag and drop content components and truly make it your own. Track email campaign success through intuitive analytic and multivariate tests that measure employee engagement and business goals.

DoZen Email Marketing

Analytics & Insights

Identify patterns and trends in employee engagement thanks to our analytics dashboards and reports, which use data collected from our platform as well as other external data sources, including your connected HR systems. We offer a variety of methods to test content communication efforts, ranging from page, email, component, and personalization tests. Not only are you able to see employee engagement and multivariate test results in easy-to-read reports, but you can also personalize with different filters and views to analyze the data in a way that suits your unique needs. Get as in-depth as you’d like, exploring data by service type and communications channel, as well as specific employee criteria and behavior. Using our analytics, you’ll get a 360 degree view of your employees to better understand and serve their needs.

DoZen Analytics & Insights