Personalized and curated for every individual employee

Meet our digital workplace, relevant to every employee with interactive content personalized to each individual, giving them the ability to like, share, comment, and create forums around specific content curated just for them based on department, location, role, and user behavior.

Our smart search feature utilizes machine learning to understand your employees’ search objectives, presenting the most relevant information from all sources including documents, pages, forms, apps, even people profiles and org charts.

Personalized Intranet

Our intranet platform is a fully functioning digital workspace right out of the box, ready to make your life easier from day one. With 30+ individually customizable features and over 40 prebuilt intranet specific controls, we empower you to customize and conceptualize your ideal workplace.

With the ability to simply drag and drop within our user-friendly interface, it allows you to unify and personalize your experience from one convenient location. From task lists, to content, to apps and widgets your employees will make it their own, whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go.

DoZen Personalized Intranet

Employee Hub

The new normal has drastically changed employee resources, policies, procedures, and additional company information that was once difficult to access needs to be more accessible than ever. Create one central location where employees can easily access all of the information and resources they need, including corporate information, policies, procedures, org charts, etc. Level-up the way you convey policies by making the experience people-first and easily retrievable. We empower employees to search across systems, services, colleagues, and resources all from one convenient location.

DoZen DoZen Employee Hub

Enterprise Search

Meet our smart search feature that uses machine learning to individually serve relevant results based on related employee journeys, profiles, and activities. Search across systems, services, and resources, view trending searches, and get search suggestions all in one convenient place. You can even get insight into the most searched employee content, building awareness as to whether your employees are able to access the information they need. Our smart search functions and intuitive, customizable menus allow employees to search across systems, services, and resources through categorized trends and search suggestions. Increase collaboration across projects, teams, and departments by sharing both talent and expertise through our dynamic and searchable people directories and org charts.

DoZen Enterprise Search

Mobile App

Get instant, on-the-go access to important updates and personalized news through our mobile app, tailored to the needs and interests of your employees. Designed with deskless and frontline workers in mind, targeted broadcasting abilities and powerful push notifications ensure that communication is quick, efficient, and easily accessible.

DoZen Mobile App

Enterpise Social

Increase and encourage collaboration between colleagues directly on DoZen and through two-way communication via page forums and MS Teams. Like, comment, and share capabilities makes the experience both fun and interactive.

DoZen Enterpise Social

Surveys and Polls

Stay in-the-know by collecting vital feedback and keeping up with your organization’s culture through our ready-made surveys and polls, you can even create your own. In-depth analytics will help you to uncover valuable insights and measure all aspects of employee engagement.

DoZen Surveys and Polls