A people-first environment both on and off the clock

Make your employees feel supported whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the frontlines by building a people-first culture that encourages and drives employee engagement with a platform that supports and enhances the complete employee lifecycle from onboarding to all Moments that Matter.

Bring digital employee experiences to life through guided and personalized journeys that enhance and optimize key professional and personal moments, from becoming a manager to becoming a parent. Our dynamic, employee-first learning resources, pulse surveys, helpful tools, and relevant tasks will help you discover exactly what your employees need exactly when they need it, setting them up for success no matter the position.


Welcome and easily engage new team members through automatic onboarding communications and activities leading up to their first day on the job and beyond. Customize and personalize each employee’s journey based on role, department, location, and individual interests. We all know that the onboarding process continues long after the first day. With DoZen, you can continue to provide support through this crucial time and maintain employee momentum with strategic check-ins and communication.

DoZen Onboarding

Moments that Matter

With many large companies swiftly adopting policies that will allow employees to work from home indefinitely, all experiences, interactions, and moments that matter have been forced to take place in an entirely digital environment. Our automated marketing and omni-channel campaigns create journey-like experiences beginning from the onboarding process and continuing throughout the employee’s lifecycle. DoZen makes it easy to identify, implement, and track employee journey’s and strategic goals, supported by our intuitive analytics around engagement value, goal optimization, and conversion metrics.

DoZen Moments that Matter


Ensure the well-being of your organization and employees alike through culturally driven spaces that foster camaraderie and community. Dozen provides dynamic spaces for employees to have open conversations and come together around various community driven topics such as employee resource groups, diversity and Inclusion initiatives, CSR, department based projects and internal campaigns. Make sure employees feel seen, heard, and connected through features that allow them to interact with each other and with content in group settings, with the ability to subscribe to topics, participate in forums, and receive push notifications.

DoZen Communities

Employee Pulse

Ensure that you’re successfully building and maintaining a people-first culture by making it easier for employees to share their feedback through dynamic pulse surveys directly in DoZen. Create your own or choose from one of our ready-made templates to measure and drive employee engagement, as well as access insights tied to your key business initiatives.

DoZen Employee Pulse


Increase employee engagement and promote healthy corporate competition through bite-sized, company-wide trivia and quick polls. Build organization awareness ownership through interactive opportunities, incentives, and leaderboards.

DoZen Gamification

People Search

Increase collaboration across projects, departments, and regions through dynamic and searchable people directories and org charts. We connect directly to AD and HR systems, aggregating and updating employee profiles info in real time. This makes it easy for you to search employee profiles, learn about your colleagues and subject matter experts, view their skills, and quickly get in touch.

DoZen People Search