Inspiring employees to work both smarter and harder

Unify and connect multiple layers of work in one personalized place, helping your employees work smarter every day. Seamlessly integrated apps will give employees access to the enterprise systems they need to effectively complete everyday tasks, using pay, benefits, legal, compliance and enterprise social systems.

The workflows that automate these apps along with associated messaging, notifications, and tasks are consolidated and easily actionable from one convenient viewpoint. We can even sync with all Microsoft applications including Outlook calendars, meaning you won’t miss a single thing. Customize your own Quick Apps and My Tasks menus, and take it a step further by favoriting and pinning the apps and tools you use most.

Consolidated Tasks

Unified task lists give employees one cohesive view of action items, making them easier to complete for one actionable place. Complete common tasks, collaborate on documents and projects, and prioritize, group, and complete multiple task lists. Messaging, notifications, and tasks from systems and apps like Oracle HCM, ServiceNow, PeopleSoft/HR Portals, DocuSign, Concur, and timesheets are accessible from one convenient location, and the ability to personalize your task experience means that employees have the ultimate control in organizing and achieving their ideal work-life balance.

DoZen Consolidated Tasks


Keeping everything in one place means workflows are personalized, streamlined, and integrated into your DoZen experience through our customizable menus. Boost business productivity and efficiency by giving your HR, IT, and Corporate Comms departments the ability to automate organizational processes.

DoZen Workflows

Quick Apps

Empower employees to quickly take actions from disparate systems through personalized apps and widgets that cater directly to each employee’s unique role and preferences.
This includes pre-built, out-of-the-box components that integrate immediately with your existing organizational systems like your calendar, timesheets, email, and CRM.
Menus are even customizable, meaning you can further personalize your experience by pinning the apps you use most, making access as quick and convenient as possible.

DoZen Quick Apps

App Integration

Enable your IT department start with a bang, integrating your existing apps right from the start using existing connectors, your preferred development language, and quick deployment. Then roll out additional and continuous improvements as needed. Provide a powerful, extensible platform for apps like enterprise social, as well as our people directory, app widgets, pages, workflows, and business processes.

DoZen App Integration