Insights identify gaps inemployee experience

Marketers have always used data to measure and improve the effectiveness of their customer experience strategies – and HR is no different. DoZen offers a plethora of standard and bespoke metrics that HR can use to harness the power of analytics to identify gaps in employee experience; what the company thinks they need versus what they want.

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Employee engagement metrics

ITWorx works with clients to determine the specific employee engagement metrics they would like to measure, and uses Sitecore’s powerful analytics features to configure these metrics as part of DoZen’s initial setup.

Channel analysis

Channel analysis provides insights on the different browsers and devices used, enabling content curators to focus the content to best service the users on the channels used.

Bot request tracking

This metric shows the different requests sent to the bot and whether the answer or action provided was relevant to the user or not, enabling the bot to continuously learn and improve.

Path analyzer

This metric shows paths with the most traffic, highest engagement value, and highest engagement value per visit or efficiency. This allows insight into what content works and what content needs optimization.

Search word analysis

Provides insights on most searched content, results retrieved, and most popular results to provide insights for HR and content curators on what content should be further enhanced.

Adoption rate

Adoption rate allows system administrators to measure the highest adopted modules, components, integrations and journeys to enable better focus on what employees need and want.

“59% of organizations to use engagement data from sources other than formal surveys in 2019” – Gartner

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Drive engagement with personalized content

– Aggregated content
– Important notifications
– People & documents

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Increase productivity with smarter tasks

– Add tasks
– Prioritize tasks
– Action tasks

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App journeys get work done faster and smarter

– Apps & journeys
– Moments that matter
– Omni-channel

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Live enterprise wide insights and analytics

– Engagement metrics
– Path analyzer
– Channel analysis

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