Your Perfect SharePoint Companion

A modern intranet solution that seamlessly integrates with SharePoint.


A more efficient way to leverage SharePoint for your company's intranet needs -- DoZen, the perfect complement to SharePoint, designed to enhance your intranet experience.

Your Perfect SharePoint Companion

Keep SharePoint as Your Document Library

We understand that SharePoint is the cornerstone of your document management system. Unlike other intranet solutions that require complex content migration, DoZen respects your investment in SharePoint. You can continue to use SharePoint as your document library, preserving your existing structure and workflows. DoZen seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, making it a powerful companion, not a replacement.

Seamless Content Search Across SharePoint

With DoZen, we've simplified the way you access information stored in SharePoint. No more navigating through countless folders and sites in search of that crucial document or piece of information. DoZen allows you to effortlessly search for content and documents across all your company's SharePoint sites from one unified interface. Finding what you need has never been this easy.

Aggregated Newsfeed

DoZen takes employee engagement to a whole new level. We aggregate content from your SharePoint sites and DoZen all into one modern newsfeed, allowing employees to stay updated on what matters most to them without information overload. It's like having a personal assistant curating the most relevant content just for you.

Why Choose DoZen?

DoZen is designed to enhance your SharePoint experience, not disrupt it. Here's why our platform is the ideal choice for forward-thinking companies:

- Simplicity

No need for extensive training or content migration efforts. DoZen seamlessly integrates with your existing SharePoint setup.

- Efficiency

Streamline information retrieval and boost productivity with a unified search experience.

- Engagement

Foster better employee engagement by delivering interactive content that resonates with each team member.

- Cost-Effective

Save time and resources by leveraging your SharePoint investment while improving overall intranet functionality.

Experience the future of intranet with DoZen, where SharePoint and modern intranet seamlessly coexist. Transform your company's communication, collaboration, and content management.

Ready to elevate your intranet experience? Contact us now for a demo and discover how DoZen can revolutionize your company's internal communication.