We do Digital Workplace

Transform your everyday experience

Meet your interactive digital workplace, customizable for every individual employee and empower them to personalize their work experience with the ability to like, share, comment, and create interactive forums around content that is relevant just for them. With a modern intranet platform that actually works, the ability to personalize communication in your employee’s preferred language and media, an enhanced search feature that provides limitless insight, on-the-go access from our native mobile app, the ability to subscribe to relevant content, increased collaboration, pulse surveys, and unified task management that keeps everything in one place, our digital workplace will transform your experience, making it easier to work smarter.

  • Modern Intranet Platform
  • Personalization
  • Enterpise Search
  • Mobility
  • Subscription Management
  • Enterprise Social
  • Unified Task Management
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DoZen Digital Workplace

We Do Content Management

Enhance communication with a personal touch

Instant access to critical updates is more important than ever before. Reach your employees on a deeper level and enhance your internal comms efforts through omni-channel broadcasting, powerful push notifications, targeted broadcasting capabilities. Create, schedule, and deploy personalized emails with our ready-made templates, as well as create and manage automated nurture campaigns and communications from one convenient location.

  • Experience Management
  • Target Broadcasting & Push Notifications
  • Automated Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
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DoZen Content Management

We Do Employee Journeys

Focus on what matters most

Just because significant milestones in an employee’s lifecycle have been forced to adapt to an entirely digital environment doesn’t mean that these moments that matter, from onboarding to new hire check-ins to even becoming a parent, can’t still be impactful and collaborative. With automated journeys that make it easy to track and implement employee experience, dynamic digital community spaces that foster engagement and collaboration, and ways to instantly engage new team members through automatic, personalized communication, we make it easy for employees to focus on what really matters.

  • Automated Journeys
  • Communities and ERGs
  • Moments that Matter
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DoZen Employee Journeys

We Do Apps & Integration

Incorporate and collaborate from day one

We make it easy to work smarter with tools and apps that seamlessly integrate with your systems that are already working. Migration tools sync employee profile data from existing HR Systems, powerful extension framework and plugin architecture makes it simple to fold our platform into your organization’s current apps, and our people directory will increase collaboration and communication across teams, departments, and even regions.

  • Unified Business Tool
  • Migration Tools
  • Profile Integrations
  • Extensibility/Plugins
  • People Directory
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DoZen Apps & Integration

We Do Analytics

Enhance understanding and empower engagement

Get deeper insight into employee engagement, traffic patterns, and impact with our Engagement Value Metrics, Path Analyzer, and Unified Analytics. Assign value to specific actions and behaviors and gain a more in-depth understanding of patterns and trends in employee engagement. Our reports and intuitive dashboard will analyze optimization data, engagement trends, and drive retention all in one convenient location.

  • Engagement Value Metrics
  • Path Analyzer
  • Unified Analytics
  • Reporting
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DoZen Employee Journeys