DoZen makes employees happier

ITWorx DoZen is a one-stop-shop and personalized digital workplace that makes employees happier by driving engagement with personalized content in context, increasing productivity with a wide range of enterprise app connectors, and helping achieve work-life balance with instant access to moments that matter and notification management.

Ideally suited for today’s global and mobile workforce, DoZen connects people, teams, enterprise apps, and business units across the world and empowers organizations with live enterprise-wide insights.

“Employees want their 9-5s to look like their 5-9s, full of seamless and effortless digital experiences” – Gartner


Personalized content drives engagement

Get personalized updates and notifications from the workplace, and action them directly or add to your Zenbox for easy access.

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Increase productivity with smart tasks

Focus on the job at hand by aggregating
content and tasks and from 3rd party applications, and prioritize them in Zenbox.

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App journeys get work done smarter and faster

Manage and track service requests, journeys and work apps from a single location and follow moments that matter in work and life.

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Live enterprise wide insights

Improve satisfaction and engagement with live data analytics on traffic and
usage patterns on content and apps

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