Introducing a Transformative Partnership

We understand that employee experience goes way beyond technology. That’s why at DoZen we partner with you to deliver on our promise to get you up and running in 90 days. Our team of business optimization experts take a step-by-step approach to a long-term strategy that’s right for your organization ensuring you meet your business goals and have an employee experience that your workforce will love.
We know how to handle the complexity of enterprise intranets and how to best ensure successful deployment. The leading digital experience platform, Sitecore, has recognized DoZen as an industry-leading employee experience solution. As a tested and verified Sitecore Technology Alliance Partner, you can rest assured that we will meet your strategic business needs and expectations on specifications, purpose, and quality control.

Phase 1 - Business Optimization

Get off to a strong start

Our account team will work collaboratively with your business teams and stakeholders to define where you are along the employee experience maturity model and where you want to be, and accordingly work on the journey to help you get there.

DoZen Business Optimization

Phase 2 - Training

Becoming an expert is easy

We work closely with and train your IT teams to be able to fully utilize and get the most out of our platform from the very beginning. We’ll focus on training for content, targeting, broadcasting, authoring, nurture campaigns, journey creation, and analytics, and we’ll get the whole team involved with technical training to administer the platform, as well as creating apps and connectors for DoZen.

DoZen Training Services

Phase 3 - Configuration

People-first is more than just a tagline

Here at DoZen, we know that one-size never fits all. Every organization wants to create a digital experience that fits both their brand identity and consumer needs, but we take things a step further. Not only is our platform customizable to meet your unique needs as an organization, but it creates an individualized employee experience as well. We believe that People are the most valuable asset, which is why we’ll configure your experience with the outcomes and visions agreed upon in Phase 1, paving the way for the launch of your personalized Employee Experience Platform that benefits both your organization and its employees.

DoZen Configuration

Phase 4 - Launch

We aren’t going anywhere

We’ll work with you and your team to create and implement a successful launch plan, as well as engaging employees in interactive, collaborative ways including nurture campaigns and gamification. Ensure success with our guided training, enabling your employees to quickly grasp and effectively utilize all that we offer, now at their fingertips.

DoZen Launch

Phase 5 - Success

It only gets better from here

Your DoZen launch is just the beginning of our partnership, as we continuously work with your team to enhance and improve your experience, as well as effectively move you through the Employee Experience Maturity Model Stages for optimal success.
At Dozen launch is just the start, we continuously work with your team to enhance and improve as well as move you through the employee experience maturity model stages for optimal success.

DoZen Success