The Value of User-Generated Content

Communications professionals at large companies have a harder, more complex job than ever. Every day, employees are bombarded with information about upcoming deadlines, company happenings


What is Generative AI and why is it everywhere?

This problem is especially concerning for enterprise-scale organizations, where you’d be hard-pressed to find an employee that hasn’t clicked on an email from the comms team, scanned it with glazed eyes, and moved on to the next item on their to-do list. The antidote is a solution marketing teams know well: user-generated content.

User-generated content is content that team members from any department can develop and submit on their own - like a blog post from the head of product development about how the women’s ERG shapes her work, or an email from the marketing lead that sings the praises of the company running club. These first-person accounts draw engagement from colleagues with similar experiences and help to build a self-sustaining culture.

A platform like DoZen makes it easy and fun for team members to post and react to each other’s content because it was built with the digital employee experience in mind. Here are three reasons user-generated content should be a core component of your corporate comms program.

1. Employees can sense authenticity.

Whoever the messenger, team members know and appreciate when a message rings true. A comms-generated email campaign touting the value of resource libraries has far less impact than a personal message from Dave on the sales team about how he puts those learning tools to use. DoZen’s analytics dashboards help comms teams measure the performance of content submitted by all parties and lean into what works.

2. Employees speak more freely to each other than the boss.

When your employees see content penned by their peers, they’re more likely to relate. That connection can inspire them to share candid comments and reactions and even further the discussion with their own content. DoZen offers the option to subscribe to topics so team members can quickly find and engage with the user-generated content that interests them most.

3. Corporate culture only thrives when employees participate.

On their own, top-down communications don’t build company culture — they prescribe it. A thriving corporate culture requires buy-in across the organization. User-generated content lends everyone a sense of ownership of their workplace environment. With a slew of customizable features, DoZen’s intranet makes widespread participation seamless at any organization.

Maintaining the culture of a large organization can be a heavy load to bear. But with the right tools, comms teams don’t have to shoulder it alone. DoZen’s powerful, personalized platform empowers all employees to make their voice heard, regardless of rank or role.