Empowering the Future of Work

DoZen is the modern digital experience platform that enables the Future of Work by keeping employees connected, engaged and informed regardless of location.

We integrate your end-to end digital workplaces to increase employee effectiveness, deliver more impactful communications and drive employee engagement. DoZen is easy to implement and maintain and is highly secure.

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So why should you DoZen?

An experience-focused solution to help you achieve an employee-centric digital transformation

Encourage meaningful connections across the organization by easily publishing content and enabling employees to easily discover relevant communications and communities.


What Makes Us Different

Stay connected and engaged, regardless of location

Reinforces common company culture through shared experiences and messaging

Supports access to information from any location, whether desk, at-home, or non-desk-based situations

Drives engagement through interactivity including polls, games and employee submitted content

Human Connections in the Digital Workplace
Increases employee efficiency and effectiveness

Provides a single, personalized hub for applications and resources, enabling your employees to quickly find the information and tools they need

Integrates with other enterprise tools to create a single dashboard

Empowers employees to see and action open tasks or create new ones

Empowering Employees in a Hybrid Workplace
Amplifies impact of communications

Replaces siloed communication systems with a single platform

Customizable to fit your organizations needs

Enables personalization, preferences, and content tailoring to reduce excess noise

Able to deliver targeted, behavior driven campaigns

Delivers detailed analytics to show you what is connecting

Personalize Internal Communications Content
Easy to implement and maintain

Requires no software development prior to installation

Integrates seamlessly with other enterprise tools

Includes comprehensive customer service to maximize your investment - training, best practices and customized insights

Designed for easy platform management, enabling IT to focus on other critical business systems

What belongs in a DXP for employees
AI Powered Knowledge Management

Centralizes knowledge and resources for swift, personalized responses.

Seamless integration across platforms for personalized support while maintaining enterprise privacy and security compliance.

User-friendly analytics for deep insights into employee engagement and feedback. Customizable dashboards for tracking engagement, initiatives, and operational optimization in real time.

AI-powered automation streamlines departmental processes, freeing up teams to focus on strategic initiatives by handling routine inquiries.

WorkWise AI
A modern intranet solution that seamlessly integrates with SharePoint

DoZen seamlessly integrates with SharePoint allowing you to continue to use it as your main document library.

Effortlessly search for content and documents across all your companys SharePoint sites from one unified interface.

Aggregate content from your SharePoint sites and DoZen all into one modern employee newsfeed.

SharePoint integration
Scalable and highly secure

Proven to handle enterprise scale with hundreds of sites and +200K employees

Deploys to secure cloud-based (GCC high) or on-prem environments

Uses the latest security methods to ensure proprietary information remains secure

Global defense company replaces 20 systems

Join the GenAI Revolution

DoZen WorkWise AI is an all-knowing bot powered by natural language understanding, autonomously learns from your companys knowledge repositories, and seamlessly integrates with your enterprise systems.

This enables swift access to instant answers and connections to enterprise systems, empowering your employees while alleviating the workload of IT, HR, and Communications teams.

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